Our Services

RPG has been providing clinical development services since 1999.

We are a full service CRO that works with our clients to provide everything from protocol consulting and regulatory support, to final study report writing.

Our most commonly requested services include project management, site selection and site management, safety and medical monitoring, clinical monitoring, data management and biostatistics, and medical writing. We offer these as an integrated suite of services, but also serve as a functional service provider (or FSP) on a regular basis, providing only the key components that are not available through internal resources. We offer these services across all phases of clinical development and on device and IVD studies.

We aim to ensure that you Enjoy The Journey.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the ideal outsourcing experience from study start-up through presentation and transfer of the final deliverable.

We accomplish this by marrying our strong leadership team, our extensive clinical development experience, and our tailored management approach. This union ensures that critical success factors for the delivery of a solid program are managed in a timely manner and that performance and communication remain strong throughout the life of every project.

  •  Protocol and Regulatory Consulting
  •  Project Management
  •  Site Selection and Management
  •  Clinical Monitoring
  •  Data Management & Biostatistics
  •  Medical Monitoring & PVG Services
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Medical Writing
  •  Post Approval
  •  Staffing

Protocol & Regulatory Consulting

Recognizing that regulatory input is a critical component for product development, ResearchPoint Global assists our clients with both protocol design and regulatory strategy. Specifically, we offer:

  •  Literature review and meta analysis
  •  Study design and statistical considerations (sample size and endpoints)
  •  Worldwide regulatory strategy and agency advice
  •  eCRF development

Post Approval

Your product is approved for marketing and you are ready to sell. Whether your study is to fulfill post-approval requirements, to gather data for long-term safety or publications, or to enhance your labeling, ResearchPoint Global has the experience to assist you.

We understand there are unique elements to consider when collecting and managing these data. For example, we have a solid appreciation for the fact that the study objectives (expand the labeling claims, exposure to physicians, health economic outcomes, etc.) determine the design/rigor of the project. As a result, your study team will be knowledgeable in the connection of the marketing, regulatory, and clinical functions on a post-marketing study. Specifically, we offer:

  •  Health economics and outcomes research
  •  Observational studies
  •  Safety monitoring
  •  Establishing registries
  •  Generation of publications

Ethnic Balancing

RPG is focused on the development of biopharmaceutical and medical device products aimed at the treatment of diseases that disproportionately affect ethnic minorities, such as certain cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. We understand that ethnic minority patients are mostly seen by minority physicians and physicians with an interest in these populations. We maintain close relationships with these physicians, so they are ready to enroll when we work on studies that target minority populations.

In our experience, study investigators who have access to ethnic minority patients perform very well in these studies, tend to enroll faster and patients tend to stay in these studies until the end and be compliant with the study protocol. Dr. Alanís, RPG’s Chief Medical and Development Officer, is also known as a national expert in the field of ethnic minority participation in clinical trials including the area of Diabetes Mellitus trials.


Our resource management organization is able to quickly and cost effectively augment your team with qualified, independent clinical monitors and other qualified professionals to assist with functional service needs.

  • "Our relationship was the best I have ever had with any CRO and I truly value our experience together much more than a service provider and sponsor transaction."
  • "I never have the sense that the team feels they are working just on another project, but that they want to see success, just as we do."
    Senior DirectorClinical Operations (Pharma Company)
  • Often we are quick to point out when things aren’t going right and rarely do we take the time to point out when our colleagues are doing a great job. I'd like to say that [Sr. Project Manager] and the RPG team are truly a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond helping us with this difficult study.  You all are the face of the study and the relationships you have built with our sites speak to the 29 subjects enrolled in the USA.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!
  • "RPG served as the single point of contact for a global study team comprised of RPG plus other CROs and multiple vendors. RPG's global PM was proactive in managing the 37 sites spread across 9 countries, successfully exceeding our time line by completing enrollment two months ahead of schedule."

    COOBiotechnology company
  • "You are all so wonderful to work with. I don’t want to work with anyone else. When you do grow, please don’t lose the personal touch you all have."
    Senior CRA(Pharma Company)
  • "Our experience with RP was very positive and enjoyable. Having been able to compare the RP collaboration with that of another group with whom we worked, I can say that RP's performance and collegiality was far superior. Faced with the opportunity to choose a collaborator in the future, I would recommend RP without hesitation."
    VPPharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics company

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