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about us

About Us

ResearchPoint Global is a full-service CRO with 15 global offices and clinical coverage in over 60 countries.

Founded in 1999, ResearchPoint Global (RPG) is a worldwide clinical organization with more than 450 employees and coverage in over 60 countries. With expertise spanning all major therapeutic areas, RPG delivers the unique blend of an experienced team, combined with the creativity, responsiveness, and customer-focus of a highly nimble organization. The forward-thinking approach has allowed us to work on a variety of projects ranging from first-in-man compounds to marketed drugs and devices. It has also proven highly beneficial to our small and mid-size Sponsor companies, an area that we focus on serving. RPG specializes in local expertise from countries in Africa, Americas, Eastern and Western Europe and Israel.

Given our expertise, we are positioned to lead our Sponsors to success, all while making it an experience you will desire to repeat. A journey you will enjoy.

Best of the Best on Your Trial

Our best asset is our people.

When you work with RPG, you are guaranteed a high energy and passionate team that is adept at navigating an ever-challenging environment. We also bring strategic leadership from senior and mid-management, who have worked in small and large pharma and biotech companies, as well as small and large CROs to every project. RPG has a vast network of thought-leaders and highly qualified professionals whom we assemble to complement the specifically customized project teams. This flexibility to identify and coordinate a combination of internal and external resources under one contract is unique within the typical CRO business model. The result of this customized team approach is that the Sponsors and the internal resources have ready access to the top talent in a particular field, thus ensuring successful foresight during the planning and execution of their clinical trial(s).

More than Just Another Service Provider

We bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to your trial.

RPG cares as much about the study success as the Sponsor, so you will always feel that we are a true partner, or an extension of your internal team. Our Sponsors rest assured that their RPG project team is managing the project as if it were their own company and adhering to the budget as if it were their money. This dedication to true customer service is reflected in our impressive track record of repeat business which is a product of consistently providing the highest level team experience. Our respect for our Sponsor’s financial restraints has also resulted in a uniquely low change order metric (we have averaged < 1 per contract).


John V. Farinacci

President and CEO

Becky (Causey) Carpenter

Chief Operating Officer

Patti Charlton, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Alfonso J. Alanís, MD

Chief Medical and Development Officer

Bill Taaffe

Corporate Development Officer

David Ng, PhD

Vice President, Biostatistics & Data Operations

Natasha Hope

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Tracy Dugan

Executive Director, Proposals & Contracts


John V. Farinacci

Chairman (based in USA)

Gernot Cremer, PhD

Director (based in Germany)

Ibrahim Farr, MD, PhD, FFPM (UK)

Director (based in Spain)

Stephen Levenstein, MD

Director (based in Israel)

Eugene Selivra, MD

Director (based in Russia)

Ingela Wiking

Director (based in Sweden)
  • "RPG offers a structure that caters to smaller pharma like us. They custom-design their project management approach to match our needs, a strategy you will not find in other CROs."
  • "I just wanted to express all of our thanks once again for being such a great partner. Your continued support and guidance on the project is valued tremendously."
  • "Our PM is doing an excellent job managing this complex and critical project and I feel she and I trust each other and have a great working relationship."
    Senior DirectorClinical Operations (Pharma Company)
  • "You guys have been very successful at recruiting. Quite an impressive organization."
  • "We are small, and we will have several studies upcoming and I think the team here would really like RPGs personalized approach. My experience with your team was excellent, and that should be rewarded with additional potential business."
  • "The quality of service we receive from RPG is outstanding. RPG’s team is as invested as we are in ensuring success in every step of the project by providing us with experts in all aspects of clinical operations. RPG is creative and collaborative, giving us meaningful feedback in a timely manner."

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